Tudor Story Board

We just closed on our next fixer!

and it's a bit frightening. We were immediately overwhelmed by how much work this house needs, but after thinking about the design for a couple days and just focusing on the direction and first steps, I'm super pumped to see how the transformation will take place! It's a tudor style on the outside, inside, it's completely void of anything original, but the almost one hundred year old floors are still there and beautiful. Transient people have been living in it for a while and everything has been stolen, even the door knobs. It's so sad, but we are happy to make this old lady a beauty again and see someone fall in love with her!

Tudor is traditionally an old world style, with lots of stone and wood. There's not much of that in there now, but I'm bringing it back in a way, with earthy stone & woods, plaster & lime wash. These are my soul elements and I'm excited to finally have a home to put them in! Im going for a really clean, simple feel, with lots of natural elements. Old world spa, I'm calling her!

We'll be using the hashtag #nelsonsbeflippin if you want to follow along and insta-stories to see the before & progress!

p.s. Dear Mail Man, Im so sorry for the amount of things I am about to order on top of my Amazon Prime problems.