Desert Inspired Hill Top House \\ story board

We are closing on our next flip house and not to sound like Trump, but in the words of Trump, it’s, huuuuuge! 3400 sq ft! Maybe that’s not very large to some people, but I lived in a mobile home for part of my childhood so that’s basically a mansion to me.

We found her in an auction and were the only bidders, winning her for 300k! We’ve got lots of grand plans for this hill top home. It’s only 12 years old, but feels like a 90’s home inside, outdated and nothing really of quality to keep except the oak wood floors upstairs. We are SO excited to be working on a newer home because that means we dont have to rip down lathe and plaster or do all new electrical and plumbing. We get to focus on cosmetic things which is the fun part. Our plans include a large bi-fold style door that opens up to a pool and THAT VIEW, clean lines, natural elements, terra-cotta(!!!!) accents, a desert oasis! Im hoping to make some fun things for this house like a cement fire pit and also play with making some pendant lights with terra-cotta clay. Im a little obsessed with this color right now and so excited to incorporate it in this home.

We’ll be doing a tour of the house in ig stories, so stay tuned!

collage 2.jpg