photo by Erich McVey

photo by Erich McVey


It all started when…

Well, how much do you really want to know. We met when we were 16, but that’s a little far back. We were high school sweet hearts, married right out of high school and moved away to a college town where we watched football and Lost and learned what it meant to really love each other. We’ve struggled all of our twenties, like most of us do, I guess. Figuring out what we want, learning who we are, working but never feeling like we are moving forward.

After Billy graduated College with a business degree he was hired for a marketing position and sat in a cubical for a few years starring at a screen while I (Laura) made jam in a barn, which I actually enjoyed, and was a massage therapist at a day spa, which I did not enjoy so much thanks to hairy inappropriate old guys and also was a wedding photographer, which I loved!

Billy came out of the womb an entrepreneur. He’s been selling things on ebay since he could type. So I guess it really started back then, but as time went by I could see with each passing day how miserable Billy was working indoors, not working for himself, no passion, no reward. I knew we were created for a purpose we were passionate about, not destined for this mundane routine we’ve been in for years. Billy had been working on starting a business in his off time. When the SEO of his company found out he sent Billy home early that day. I remember him coming home and telling me what happened and all I could say was that I hope you get fired, haha! I told Billy that we could go live in the trailer in his parents back yard and pursue our own thing, our dream. When he went back to work the next morning he did get fired and he rode his bike home smiling. I don’t want to take all the credit because obviously Billy is the brains here, but I truly believe that my heart being for him in every circumstance, supporting him openheartedly has been essential to his pursuit. Believing in him when we had nothing, when it felt like we were losing, was everything. So that’s what we did. We lived in a stinky old fifth wheel with our cat and ate a lot of beans and rice and we were so happy. It was really hard, but it was actually my favorite year so far of our married life. Billy started Greener Earth Nursery, an online nursery selling perennials and shrubs ( and roses this next year!!!) while also doing freelance online advertising for companies.

We luckily were able to buy our first house a couple years later thanks to a loan that required no money down and that was our first flip, a slow flip that took three years, but still our first home and where we brought our first baby home too.

Now it’s three years later and we’ve done a few houses, all old, all beautiful and all so much work for Billy. Let’s just say he started out with my pink hammer when we bought our first house and now our garage is most men’s dream. Our plans are to scale our flipping for this coming year and focus more on the business side of it and not doing all the labor ourselves. I think he’s excited because I’ve never heard him talk so much. He’s onto something he loves and I’m here helping make everything look good with my obsessive need to make things prettier than they need to be.